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2009-2016, 2019


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2018 was a strange season with the beast from the East delaying spring growth followed by the hot dry summer. The plants loved that part but we didn’t. Cardiff was very wet when we arrived, more like a paddy field. The judges were still not convinced that our new modern outlook was appreciated enough so we had very mixed reactions from them but a resounding yes from visitors, whom we thank very much for their support.


Our next outing was Malvern Spring where crowds came and again supported us though the judges were scathing in their remarks and we were marked down yet again. We took everything on board and within four days we left for Chelsea with their concerns righted only to have another list of objections thrown at us. We couldn’t win at any cost even trying to get in and out of the show ground was a nightmare. So Chelsea for us was a bit of a trial from start to finish. The only highlight was a visit from Julian Clary and his mother.


Gardeners’ World was next and again we were blighted by silly comments from the judges, which again cost us money and a medal drop. But our fans rallied round us and we had a good show topped by being presented with a bespoke Moorcroft vase for the nursery having displayed for 25 years at the show. There were only about ten of us that qualified for this special award.


For the rest of the season we went back to our winning ways with top awards at all the shows with a best in show at Dundee, though they still can’t find the trophy. Chorley was a show to remember after a glorious summer of baking hot days, especially Hampton Court, when the Sunday was cancelled because of torrential rain and winds. Flying gazebos made it very dangerous for any visitors so it was a good decision by the organisers.


We again showcased our new outfits for the season at Chelsea but it was too hot to wear them throughout the summer months because of the heat. However, if visitors wanted to see our new garb we had to dash behind the stand put them on, have our photo call then take them off again. We try not to disappoint our friends and we love to see you all at the shows. Thank you for your continued support. We really do appreciate it.


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RHS Chelsea 2017

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